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The maze is constantly changing, which 2 to 6 players aged 7 and up lay out of their square cards! The aim is to combine the same motifs with continuous paths. If you do this, you win the card that is already in the maze. But be careful that all other cards remain connected. Who collected the most cards after a game of 20 to 30 minutes at the end? Each player always gets two cards on the hand at the beginning of his move. He can place one of them on the already outlying cards of the maze, so that new paths are always created. If you succeed in creating a continuous connection from a newly created motif to an existing one, you can lift the treasure: the card in the maze can be taken as a win. However, the prerequisite is that all other maze cards remain connected. With good luck, several equal treasures can be connected in one train and win cards can be acquired! The crazy maze has been delighting millions of people for many years – the compact card version is an ideal addition to the classic and fits in any pocket.
The card edition of the popular family game classic “The Crazy Maze”: who skilfully connects the same treasures and collects most maze cards as a winner?
Card game in gift format for 2 to 6 players from 7 years. Playing time: 20 to 30 minutes
In the move, you choose one of its two hand cards and place them on an ever-changing maze Whoever manages to connect the same treasures wins the most maze cards at the end
The crazy labyrinth: a real classic among board games that have been thrilling for over 30 years. In the card game, you change the maze by storing new cards and get to the hidden treasures
Short rules, but countless combination possibilities develop an ever-new appeal for families with children aged 7 and over. The game remains exciting and interesting until the end

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