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Rummikub Travel, RummikubRummikub Travel, Rummikub

Rummikub TravelRummikub Travel

Ideal Games logoIdeal Games logo Ideal Games from John Adams

The Ideal Games range from John Adams has something for everyone. From crazy kid’s action games, fun family games and licensed TV Show based games, through to serious strategy games to get you thinking!

Rummikub Travel from IDEAL

Rummikub brings people together!

Rummikub Travel is a smaller, portable version of Rummikub Classic. With smaller tiles and collapsible racks, this is a convenient way to play your favourite Rummikub game on the move. Using the box lid as a pool for the communal tiles, you have everything you need to start laying sets and runs.

Play anywhere – great for day trips and staycations A fast paced game of tile manipulation Includes handy smaller tiles and collapsible racks for portable play Put tiles into number runs or sets Be the first player to clear your rack of all your tiles! 2-4 players For ages 7+

Rummikub Travel from IDEAL

Rummikub Travel, Rummikub, RummyRummikub Travel, Rummikub, Rummy

Rummikub Travel, Rummikub, RummyRummikub Travel, Rummikub, Rummy

Rummikub Travel, Rummikub, RummyRummikub Travel, Rummikub, Rummy


The numbers strategy game that’s never the same.
The fast-paced game of tile manipulation.
Place all your tiles from your rack on the table.
Be the first to go “Rummikub” to win.
Suitable for 2-4 players.
Color: Multicolor
Item package quantity: 1.0
Age range description: Kid
Rummikub Travel

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Customers like the quality, audience, travel, value, ease of use, and size of the tabletop game. They mention that it’s a great game for all ages, great for travel, and easy to take with you anywhere. They appreciate the simple yet brilliant game, and the reasonable price. Customers are also happy with size, and portability.

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