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Ideal logoIdeal logo Ideal Games from John Adams

The Ideal Games range from John Adams has something for everyone. From crazy kid’s action games, fun family games and licenced TV Show based games, through to serious strategy games to get you thinking!


Find the match and grab it fast

Prove that you have the best eyes and fastest hands at the table to succeed at Grabolo!

A roll of the dice determines the combination of colour and shape playing pieces that you have to grab, so react quickly.

Once you’ve grabbed a piece, put it behind your back and don’t look at it. If you roll the dice and the piece isn’t there and someone has grabbed it before, be the first one to shout out who has it to either keep it (if you already have it) or steal the piece from another player.

Find the match and grab it fast! Prove that you have the best eyes and fastest hands Be the first to grab the correct piece For ages 6+ For 2+ players Game duration: 10 minutes





Roll the dice…

Roll the colour and icon dice to determine what piece you need to grab!

Grab It!

Grab the piece that matches both the colour and the icon. The first one to grab it gets to keep it and then holds the piece behind their back

Collect the most to win

There are 36 pieces in Grabolo, with 6 different icons in 6 different colours! This fun and fast game will be a test to see who has the quickest hands and reactions.

Value for money
Easy to use
Durable & Design

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Customers like the quality, age range, value, speed and ease of use of the tabletop game. They mention that it brings out the competitive side, it’s a great game for everyone and that it’ll keep them entertained for hours. They appreciate the clear instructions and the tactile pieces. Customers also like the compactness.

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