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Improve Your Chess Moves

At last, learning to play Chess can be easy and fun, thanks to Croove’s state-of-the-art electronic game set! Equipped with a built-in computer algorithm, Electronic Chess offers a huge selection of game modes with varying difficulty levels to strengthen your hand at chess.

Unlike how-to books and phone apps, this game delivers a hands-on Chess playing experience through its’ touch-sensitive game board and magnetic Chess pieces. With an array of customized games and puzzles, it’s the ideal way to acclimate beginners and challenge players of all levels.

More than Chess

This dynamic 8-in-1 game set also includes Checkers, Reversi (comparable to Othello), 4 In-a-Row (comparable to Connect 4), Fox & Geese, Halma (Similar to Chinese Checkers), Northcott’s Game and Nim with corresponding game pieces.

Geared for beginners and advanced players Sturdy, magnetized game pieces Vocal instructions with adjustable volume Easy-to-read LCD screen Automatic shut-off with game-saving feature Board dimensions: 1”x8”x10” 4 AA batteries required (not included)





Builds Your Brain

Want a 24/7 game partner that will never cheat or get bored of playing? Invest in this 8-in-1 Electronic Gaming Set to enjoy unlimited entertainment with games like Chess, Checkers, Othello, Connect 4, and more!

Multi-Player Games

Play with a friend using Referee Mode and the computer will call your moves and signal when an illegal move is played.

Built-In Chess Mentor

When Chess tutor mode is turned on, it will draw your attention to weak moves or threats from the opponent with friendly announcements. Set it to low, normal or high according to the extent of help needed.

5 Playing Styles

Set the computer’s response to Normal, Active, Aggressive, Passive, or Very Passive to determine its’ playing style that mimics human opponents.





30 Game Modes

Starting from easy-peezy modes which give you a good chance to win, to games with tight time limits, Electronic Chess offers you every imaginable Chess challenge under the sun.

100 Chess Exercises

Challenge yourself with 100 preset chess puzzles when you’re not up to diving into a full game.

Easy-To-Read LCD Screen

The game board sports an LCD screen with an adjustable contrast that’s easy on the eyes.


Supports English & German.

12 chess modes and 30 unique chess levels to choose from. 100 preset chess exercise allows you to practice your skills
Magnetic, sensory chess board and large LCD screen with adjustable contrast
Includes 8 challenging brain games, Chess – Checkers – Reversi – Halma – 4 In-A-Row – Fox Geese – Northcote’s Game and Nim,
Package contains Board, Black and white chess pieces, Checkers pieces and a case for the pieces when not in use. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included)
If computers malfunctions due to electrostatic discharge or other electrical disturbances, or when batteries are inserted. There is a Red RESET SWITCH in the back of the item push and press down for about one second. This resets the computer, clears its memory and returns it to normal operation.

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