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Product Description

Pre Drinks The GamePre Drinks The Game

Pre Drinks The GamePre Drinks The Game

Pre Drinks The Card Game that will save you money by taking pre drinking to the next level

A must have ‘tool’ for any messy night out (or night in) The Only Unforgivingly Brutal Adult Drinking Game – Created for parties, students and young adults.

Crafted to unleash a chilling challenge, lightweights may struggle more than others.

Bring Pre Drinks to any pre drinking occasion to ensure that the night starts of right.

Pre Drinks The Card Game – Brutal Drinking Game is perfect for any pre drinking occasion Super easy, even someone who is completely blacked out can play! Ideal for nights in, uni students, flat parties, house parties, and any young adult social gathering New Double Dare Forfeits, each card has two deadly forfeits – one hard and one even harder… Money Saving Pre Drinking Game – play pre drinks the card game before going out, to save a fortune Designed and made in the UK by a small business! Every purchase helps us create new games

Drinking GamesDrinking Games

Created With Inspiration From UK Drinking Culture!

Have you ever played a drinking game and thought “Wow these forfeits are crap!”

Pre Drinks The Game will have you wishing the forfeits were easier

Deceive your most trusted mates to ensure your own well-being

Pre Drinks Playing CardsPre Drinks Playing Cards

What’s Included?

Pre Drinks The Game includes 53 non repetitive high-quality cards spanning 3 unique types:

SECRET CARDS – where you must lie and decieve the other players.

GAME CARDS – where the card lasts the entire length of the game.

STANDARD CARDS – which feature diverse forfeit options.

People playing pre drinks at a partyPeople playing pre drinks at a party

Designed For Pre Drinks

Believe it or not, Pre Drinks The Card Game was designed to be played at pre drinks. While other drinking games are designed to be played in lots of different settings, Pre Drinks was designed to be played before going out.

Pre Drinks Front CardPre Drinks Front Card

Drunk GamesDrunk Games

Made in the United KingdomMade in the United Kingdom

New Games Coming Soon

In 2024, we’re excited to bring you brand-new, never-seen-before games. Our focus is on creating fresh and innovative experiences that will redefine drinking games. We’re dedicated to pushing the limits of creativity – Keep an eye out for our new games.

Who Are Drunk Games?

We are Drunk Games, a UK-based drinking games company founded with a passion for crafting truly original experiences. The journey began when our owner, an avid player of drinking games, noticed a lack of truly unique options in the market. Fueled by the desire to break away from the copy-and-paste trend, our company emerged with the mission to introduce innovative and distinctive drinking games to the scene. We take pride in offering a fresh approach to the world of drinking games, ensuring each experience is uniquely crafted for a one-of-a-kind enjoyment

Made In The UK

Originating in the UK, our game designs are meticulously crafted using top-notch playing card materials. By backing our small business based in the UK, you contribute to our mission of developing additional exciting games for your entertainment. Your support enables us to continue innovating and delivering enjoyable drinking game experiences.

Pre Drinks – The Brutal Drinking Game for Adults – Product Information

No. Of Cards 53 Per Pack Card Material Premium 300GSM Card Stock Age 18+ Colour Black, Red, White Difficulty Unforgivingly Brutal

🍺 Pre-Drinks Card Game: Looking for a game that not only fuels excitement but also brings your friends closer together? Look no further! Our pre-drinks card game is just what you need. With a twist on pre drinking, our card game for adults is designed to get you drunk before going out, while keeping your wallets happy, as you won’t have to buy more drinks.
🍷 Diverse Card Gameplay: With a selection of 53 no repetitive cards spanning 3 distinct types – intriguing SECRET CARDS where you must lie, rule-altering GAME CARDS, and challenging STANDARD CARDS with diverse forfeit options, our high-quality cardstock drinking cards guarantee an ever-evolving gaming experience that’s as thrilling as it is unpredictable.
🍻 Play Effortlessly: DRUNK GAME’S meticulously designed alcohol card game ensures that the fun never stops, especially when the drinks are flowing. Thoroughly tested with a variety of participants, these easy to play pre- drinking game cards make sure that amidst socializing and celebration, understanding and engaging with the cards is a breeze.
🥂 Daring Double Dare: In Pre-Drinks The Card Game, the card picker is the forfeit chooser. Brace yourself for a challenge, as one option is tough, while the other is decidedly tougher. Plus, to add to the fun, our hilarious game is tailored for groups of 3 or more. The fewer the players, the more brutal the drinking game, as there are fewer players for forfeits to be shared between.
🍹 Pocket-Sized Box: Designed with your wallet in mind, our pre drinks drinking game offer a budget-friendly way to get drunk and enjoy a night out. Our compact drinking game cards collection comes packaged in a sleek box that easily slips into your pocket. Take the fun wherever you go, whether it’s at a friend’s house or a night out on the town.

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