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Murder Case File Mystery Folder Crime Solve Detective Game Fun Police Hunt Play PartyMurder Case File Mystery Folder Crime Solve Detective Game Fun Police Hunt Play Party

Cryptic Killers – Our Story

Welcome to Cryptic Killers, the home of unsolved case file games and murder mysteries.

Cryptic Killers Logo - Unsolved Case File GamesCryptic Killers Logo - Unsolved Case File Games

The Inception

Cryptic Killers all began when its founders, Luke Stephenson and Andrew Hobbs, met by chance at a beach bar halfway around the world. Over a few beers, they found a shared passion for creativity and innovation, and that passion would eventually lay the foundation for creating Cryptic Killers.

Their immersive games have now been enjoyed by millions of people across the globe.

Murder Mystery Case File Games

The Mission

We’re dedicated to the art of creating a gripping story that sparks the imagination and delivers profound satisfaction.

The Milestone

With hundreds of thousands of cases sold and millions of detectives engaged, we’ve turned living rooms into crime scenes, dinner parties into investigative gatherings, and quiet nights into unforgettable adventures.

The Invitation

So, whether you’re a lone sleuth, a dynamic duo, or a team of detectives, we invite you to grab a case file for a truly unique night in.

BEST COLD CASE FILE GAME AVAILABLE- A murder has been committed in the town of Redmond, UK. The body of Chloe Whittle, a millionaire lottery winner, was found with a deadly stab wound to the chest. Play detective to crack this gripping murder mystery game, and bring the criminal to justice.
29 PIECES OF PHYSICAL EVIDENCE – Inside the case file, you’ll find newspaper articles, crime scene investigation photographs, receipts, betting slips, police reports, train times, CCTV footage, phone/text records, a coroners report, a map, witness statements, photographs and more.
SEARCH THROUGH A POLICE INBOX – In addition to the physical evidence supplied inside of the box, you’ll need to access an online police officer’s inbox to prove the suspects innocent or guilty – but it’s not easy…you’ll need to be a smart investigator to gain access!
A GREAT NIGHT IN – With approximately 2 hours of game play (depending on your skill level) and a difficulty rating of 3.5/5 this “whodunnit” style thriller will provide a fun night in for all who choose to participate. If you can’t crack the case without a secret clue, hints and answers are available online.
MADE FOR INDIVIDUALS, COUPLES, GROUPS & PARTIES – Murder mystery lovers and CSI fans will love this challenging brain teaser. It’s perfect for teens or adults looking for a fun night in at home – whether you’re looking for an interactive “couples night” experience, an immersive family games night, or a fun dinner party with friends.

Customers say

Customers like the attention to detail in the game. They say it has a deep story with many twists and turns. They also appreciate the high quality of the game and the resources. Customers also say it’s a perfect activity for a home date night. They appreciate the value, immersiveness, and fun. However, some customers have different opinions on the difficulty level.

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